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We are an effective group of entrepreneurs with complementary skills. We do our best to identify and pursue great ideas, and are very focused on finding, backing, and/or building teams who can expertly execute on these ideas.

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Managing Partner & Director, Avila Capital
Executive Director and Board Member, Assetz Property Group

CEO, Holos Life Sciences

Director, Assetz Group Partners

Project Advisor, Blue Carbon S2C

Scott brings more than 30 years of successful involvement in real estate investment and development, private equity, investment management, and business building (both start-ups and larger established businesses) to Avila, along with extensive and valuable relationships. Having left Australia in 1993, Scott has lived in HK, Philippines, Thailand, and currently Singapore, and during the past 15 years has increasingly shifted his focus to sustainable development, including clean energy/renewables, climate tech, waste management - all things in the circular/green economy.



Partner, Avila Capital
CEO & Founder, Assetz Property Group

Founder & Partner, Assetz Group Partners

Chairman Assetz Group Partners, Australia

Although invested across the spectrum of companies listed, Ben’s principal focus is on Singapore Headquartered Assetz Group Partners (AGP). This includes Assetz Property Group (Assetz), which he co-founded in 2005, and which is now a front-runner among multinational developers in India with more than 1 million square meters under development. Assetz’ business opportunity has grown from one centred around the boom in the “outsourcing/BPO” sector, and the need for large business parks for “IT” type usage, to now include the development of Commercial, Residential, Warehousing/Industrial, along with Fund Management. Beyond India real estate, Parent company AGP’s activities are extensive, incorporating three key investment themes, being renewable energy, sustainable communities and infrastructure, and green technologies.  



Partner, Avila Capital
Co-founder, Assetz Property Group
Founder & Partner, Assetz Group Partners

Prior to returning to establish Assetz Group Partners, Rajpal was a Partner in renewable energy developer, Equis Funds Group. Prior to co-founding Assetz Property Group with Ben Salmon in 2005, Rajpal was one of the founding members of the JLL India team business. He comes with extensive investment and development experience in India, Singapore and the UK, and more recently the US.



Partner & COO, Avila Capital
Finance Director, Holos Life Sciences

Benjamin has been with Avila Capital for more than 10 years in various investment and fund management, plus administration roles, and also has investment, asset management and real estate development experience working in Temasek linked companies.

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